Tree Trimming

Correct tree trimming is a must to insure a healthy and safe long lived tree.

Too many "tree trimmers" out there do not follow correct trimming standards.

If you are going to learn one thing, learn this:  Topping a tree is extremely wrong.  Topping only creates more problems and ruins a trees structure, reduces lifespan and will create an unsafe and unhealthy tree.

Arbor-X will not be seen topping a tree, no matter what a mis-guided customer may request.

We only perform correct trimming, such as crown thinning, dead-wood cleaning, elevating and crown reductions.


If your tree has been topped (trimmed incorrectly), you should report the person who did it or the company that did it to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  A company or person that trims trees in Maryland for hire, must be licensed as a Maryland Tree Expert.  Still, sadly enough, we do see some licensed experts topping trees and this should be stopped.

It is important that whomever you choose to trim your trees is knowledgeable and performs correct trimming.  Often times, once a tree has been trimmed wrong, the damage will always be there. 

Look to see that the company has someone on staff that is a Maryland Tree Expert and/or an ISA Certified Arborist.  (Recently, Maryland has lowered their standards for the license, so beware.) 

We have an ISA Certified Arborist and a Maryland Tree Expert on staff and practically on every trimming job.

Want more information and diagrams on why not to top a tree? Click here for a good ISA webpage.