Arbor X Tree Services for Professional Tree Removal


Tree Removal

Arbor X Tree Service, Wilmington NC'S leader in tree removal services. We have been serving Wilmington NC for over 15 years. We have crane and 75 ft. aerial lift services to handle the biggest tree removals. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We take the safety of your property and our crew seriously. We have a long standing track record of safety and damage/ claim free work performed. 

As stated above, Arbor X Tree Service utilizes 3 standard techniques to serve the Wilmington NC area with safe affordable tree care. 

The most commonly used method is the traditional rope & saddle technique. Another commonly used method, when applicable is to use an aerial lift to access the tree and make the tree removal process safer & efficient for everyone involved. Crane service is the best method for tree removal, when the customer needs a no impact removal process due to the trees surroundings. A benefit of using a crane service for tree removal, is we are able to remove the tree more efficiently than traditional tree removal methods. This allows us to provide the service to our customers at a lower cost.

Go with Wilmington's best tree experts and Arborist, Arbor X Tree Service. For the best rates on tree removal, call Arbor X today.

Pruning & Trimming

Arbor X Tree Service in Wilmington NC, is a complete tree care service providing tree pruning & tree trimming. Serving the Wilmington NC and surrounding areas for over 15 years. We have the skills, experience and equipment for large scale tree trimming and pruning at your home or business. Tree trimming and thinning of trees consists or removing excess branches and deadwood, which improves the appearance and lightens the heavy branches for safety. Arbor X Tree crew has been extensively trained in all phases of tree pruning, from pruning ornamental fruit trees to doing crown reductions on large mature

hardwood trees. Go with Wilmington's best tree experts and Arborist, Arbor X Tree Service for all of your tree pruning and trimming needs.


Stump Grinding

Arbor X Tree Service provides Stump Grinding in Wilmington NC and surrounding areas. We can remove unsightly, unwanted, tree stumps / roots efficiently. Leaving the site clean and ready for all your landscape needs. Arbor X Tree Service has the best rates on Stump Grinding in Wilmington NC.

24-Hour Storm Services

Arbor X Tree Service in Wilmington NC offers Wilmington NC and surrounding areas 24 hour Storm Services. When disaster happens you can trust Arbor X Tree Service with all your tree service needs. We have worked through multiple hurricanes in Southeastern NC and understand how time sensitive some of the circumstances are. We promise fast reliable service to our customers to get back up and running after a natural disaster occurs.